Trades › Entry value: Can I change it? Can I select which position I’ve sold?

i’m trying to understand how does the “Entry value” / “Exit value” works for the “trades windows”.

I have X Solana.
The first time I bought SOL was at the top (+/-148€).
During the bear run I bought more Solana and now i have a positives PRU < quote price.

Inside Statement of Asset I can see the Profit/Loss cell at +XXX.

Fictional : let’s say I have +100 profit.

I want to buy one Solana at 55€ et sell it at 60€.
I register the two transactions :

I expected PP to show a benefice (without fee) of 5€

My problem is that PP considers the entry value to be “148.24€” instead of 55€; is it supposed to works like that ?

→ At the end of the day, with this transaction, my balance is +5€ not -88€ and I still have the same number of Solana.

  • now it show a -88€ profit instead of +5 and it ruin all the stats…

  • It also ruin the PRU, was 31.78 and after this transaction it shows 28.10.
    isn’t the PRU supposed to stay the same ?

is there is a way to configure that ?
should trades be managed differently?

Thank you for your time.

HI @Demky,

trades are matched with FIFO (First in, first out) but respects the securities accounts.

That means:

  • If you sell 1 Solana, then it matches to the first Solana bought in the same securities account
  • PP potentially matches multiple purchase transactions if you bought less Solana
  • If you hover over the (i) symbol, you see the transactions that make up this trade

If you want to “match” sales, then this is only possible by distributing them across multiple accounts.

If you transfer Solana from one account to another, then the purchase date remains valid. That means the transferred shares are matched over other shares that are bought after those shares but before the transfer. (Essentially what the banks do as well - at least in Germany :upside_down_face:)


oh, ok thank you.
It mean I should make a “kraken - short trade” account so I can play with short trades.

is it supposed to be a new “securities account” linked to a Deposit account ?
(I never understood the difference between Deposit account and Securities account)

I’m trying to figure if I can pick money from one account to use inside another or if I should just divide the deposit between the two.
^ The money inside deposit account is available for each children account, i have the answer to this question