Trades Profit/Loss does not match Realized Capital Gains

Hi, can anyone explained why with 22,451 trade profit it shows 1981 Realized Capital Gain?

The Performance Calculation only looks at the reporting period: What was the valuation at the beginning of the period and what was the valuation at the end (capital gains) or at the point in time where the investment vehicle was sold (realized capital gains).

If you want more details, open the detailed view Peformance -> Calculation and hover over the cell with the capital gains. It should display how exactly it was calculated.

The Trades looks at all trades that are closed during the reporting period. But the purchase transaction of that trade could be much older and therefore the profit/loss can be higher.

Got it, thank you.
So, if I would need to see how much I have lost with my owned stocks and how much I have realized with trades from stock sold in 2020 (even if purchased in 2010)… I cannot see that? Or is there a way?