Transaction in graph 100× larger than amounts entered


When I entered transactions for the purchase of several bonds:
e.g. volume 25.000 ; buying price : 0,983

The resulting transaction value shows correct in the dialog box and in the ‘all transactions overview’ , but one of these bonds creates a 100x value of its transaction when showing the graph in the portfolio report , as if the value of the portfolio suddenly raised with 2.4 Million rather than 24.000

Similar transaction with same volumes (25000) don’t have this effect.
Deleting and recreating the transaction doesn’t help.

Has anyone here run into a similar issue?

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I assume that you used a price source that provides the data as a percentage (as is usual for bonds).
So don’t enter 25000x0.983, but 250x98.3.

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pricing source(s) were indeed the culprit - thanks.