Transactions showing “Delivery” instead of “Buy” or “Sell”


I believe this is an error.

Under “Transactions”, the transaction “Type” is shown as a “Delivery” when I actually bought the stock.

Thanks and please disregard if this is how it is meant to be.


Which view are you in exactly? And do you have a filter active?

Hi Chirlu,

The issue seems to be solved. I restarted the application.

No filter was applied, shares not equal to zero and reporting period 2023.

I was however, simulating inbound and outbound deliveries, there may be a bug somewhere cause under no circumstance a buy or a sell should be shown as delivery, or am I wrong?

Best and big thank you

Well, this depends on the applied workflow if or even not a deposit account is used for the offset booking. A buy/sell has a offset deposit account booking, a delivery inbound/outbound delivery does not.

Yes, you are wrong. Filtering on a securities account without the corresponding money account will convert a buy/sell into an inbound/outbound delivery.

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