TTWROR incorrect percentage

I have been trying for days to understand this number… where is that 17.08% full return coming from???

I spent 41,679.14 and I have now 47,079.89… there should be a 12.96% full return, not 17.08%.

Can anyone explain?

It looks like that you have already adjusted the title because „total return“ as widget is not a part of the current dashboard setup.

Please let us know which widget you’ve used.


Sorry :slight_smile: the widget is the „True Time-Weighted Rate of Return“.
I have also added IRR widget but still, a percentage that I do not understand.
Here below the screen-shot of the widgets, and the transactions history… thanks you!

Well the term " Time-Weighted Rate of Return" is a frequently asked question, not only at PP. Please see and Positive TTWROR while absolute change is negative

Got it… but even the IRR is also wrong… why is that?

It’s apparently not the value you expect. But to me it seems the value you’re expecting is neither IRR nor TTWROR. You could check the definitions.

Got it… thanks. I will check that.

By the way, is there any place in PP where I can see a total return?

Total spent 100$, actual value 150$… total gain 50%… anywhere?

Have a look at securities below the performance node. You can add a column for the absolute performance. Then you can check the performance for each security.

Or go to the calculation page below the performance node and calculate the total gain like you prefer it.

Hi, and thanks for your answers.
Still I cannot find the percentage I need to see…
In „Securities“ the „Abs. Perf. %“ column does not show a total… I don’t know why.

In „Performance“ page, there is not widget that automatically calculate the Total Gain %.

I spent hours trying to figure out what that 21.10% is… Total Gain % should be:
7593.36 - 6357.04 = 1236.32
1236.32 / 6357.04 = 19.45%
6357.04 x 1.1945 = 7593.36

So… where can I see the 19.45% value? :grin:

I guess their is a fundamental misunderstanding of your expected total gain figure in %.

These figure require one investment/buy and the current valuated deposit. And as there are several trades since your first Investment it’s impossible to use such simplified calculation. As already posted above you should reconsider the TTWROR figure.

Hello, I am still trying to understand this IRR or TTWROR… but it does not make sense to me… or at least I don’t need that values… so is there a place where I can see the the FULL GAIN and FULL GAIN% of my entire portfolio since day 1 to today?

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