Two different results for earnings

I get 2 different sums (and also per each security) results when I look at earnings, filtered for year 2022 only.

So, Payments->Earnings->Year/Instrument, filtered by “Since 2022” shows me sum of 118,84
Performance->Calculation->Earnings, filtered by “year 2022” shows me sum of 145,69.

Which one is correct, if I want to see how much Earnings/Dividends did I receive for the tax year 2022 (which for me is a calendar year)?

in german; Summe der Erträge und Erträge bei der Performanceübersicht unterscheiden sich

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On the gear wheel at the top right, where you can set whether the income should be displayed gross or net?

Indeed, when I checked “use gross value”, Payment->Earnings started to show the same value as Performance->Calculation.

Thank you.