Unable to display the correct instruments

Hi, I am new here and I am not good not coding. Hope you can help me!

I am using this application in China and I try to search any popular stock (like “AAPL”, " COST"). It keeps failing to show the correct one. I am wondering if this is because I am not allowed to access to Yahoo Finance in my country. I do not wish to update each quote manually as I have quite a lot instruments in the portfolio.

Thank you!

Welcome @PysWai

That will be the reason. You need to find an alternative course source.

Cheers, Laura

Will you know if VPN can help?
If I can find other data source, any possible I can add in the application so that the data will automatically update? Appreciate that you can share the instruction if you have it.

Many thanks!

Hi @PysWai,

VPN will work when you’ll be able to connect yahoo finance for instance.
You can make use of any json source in addition to websites.

It’s all about finding a source which provides the data you are looking for.

Hope that helps.

In addition some reading material for onboard in PP:


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Unfortunately, even though I use VPN and I’m able to connect to yahoo finance in the browser, the data still cannot be updated automatically on this platform.

Can you share screenshots of your configuration, please.

In addition please upload the log here as well.

You’ll find it under Help… most right option in the top bar.


Thanks for your help!

The first 2 screens were captured from my VPN profile and as the last screen shown, I can access to yahoo finance successfully.

Unfortunately, your screenshots do not look as expected.

Never the less, if your VPN Solution requires a proxy you need to configure the same within PP as well: