Unequal update of share values

Firstly thank you for a very useful investment tool!
I have noticed recently that the “the quoted price” is out of date where as for another share it has the correct date and value. If i hover over the line the bubble shows as it should lastest price and date but it seems locked at a previous data point, if i go to another its correct. I have checked the “security master data” entry and there its correctly finding the data points but seems not to be using them.
Any ideas? I have done a “debug reset” but no change.


did you checked the configuration for the prices? Can you share a Screenshot of the actual and historical tab?

Here are the screen shots, one item I looked at this morning has been updated so seems something variable is happening

Many thanks

the master data tab

now only 4 out of 19 stocks are have updated prices

Hello again
So does anybody have any ideas? I am running ppi on linux machine, the historical data is received from Yahoo and can be seen in master, but does not show after only that of November 3 depending the stock.