"unknown format type" error when adding investment plan

I am having trouble adding data to the „Sparpläne“. If I want to make a securities purchase or make a deposit via the plus sign on the right, I get the following error message „Internal Error Reason java.long.IllegalArgumentException: unknown format type“

Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Thank you in advance for your answer

I think that the error is caused by an issue in the NL-translation. I think that when you switch to EN for example, and try again, that the error will not show. The error traps explicitly on the Dutch word „Keuze“

In the following file in the source, ‚choice‘ as code is translated to ‚keuze‘, this is the option, not the label…


Line 792:
InvestmentPlanIntervalLabel = {0,keuze,1#maandelijks|1<elke {0} maanden}

should be:
InvestmentPlanIntervalLabel = {0,choice,1#maandelijks|1<elke {0} maanden}

I have converted the language from Dutch to English and now the problem is indeed solved. Thank you very much for your answer and the solution.

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