Unrealised capital gains month by month

It would be nice to have a view of unrealized Capital Gains month by month similar to the view of Dividends/Interest/Earnings/Taxes/Fees under Performance->Payments

Any actual use case for that?

It wouldn’t belong to Payments because no money flows until the securities are sold. Furthermore, much of the same unrealized gains would appear in one period next to the other.


I mentioned Performance->Payments as a reference for the months’ columns.
But I believe it should go in Calculations.

For the buy-and-hold long-term investors, it would be great to see the capital gain performance month by month.

The buy-and-hold long-term investor could simply look at the delta value in the statement of assets diagram, which shows the complete performance (even day by day, if desired).

Yeah, I know. But I have to select period by period to see the delta.

The idea is to have a view of the evolution of capital gain month by month on the same screen.

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As I said: