Unrealized profit and Annualized return in widget options


is it possible to add the unrealized profit/loss in the Performance report ? At this time, I see the possibility to add only realized profit/loss (namely trades profit/loss)

Moreover, I’m interested if you can add the annualized total return value (see formula here : https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/annualized-total-return.asp).

Again, thanks for this great tool) !

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) values are always annualized in PP, whereas True Time-Weighted Rate of Return (TTWROR) values are never annualized. That can’t currently be configured.

Not sure about your first question. Where exactly do you want to see the unrealized return?

Thank you Chirlu. I didn’t know that the IRR was annualized. I will use it now.

Regarding the „unrealized profit/loss“, I would like to have it as a widget option in „Trades sub items“ to be able to display this value in the „Performance“ report. Do you see now ?