Updating Quotes Automatically for Securities through Euronext


For the past week I have been configuring the software with the all the data needed. Though it has been going very well, there is something thing baffles me. Please forgive me if my question has been asked before, I could not find it when I did a search of the forum and I admit I am a little green at this.

In the All Securities section I have been adding investments stocks and configuring them so they update automatically through Yahoo Finance. (right click > Quotes > Configure online update).

This works perfectly for most of my stocks except for two, for which Yahoo (or most other sites) don’t provide a detailed historical update. The site I managed to find that does this is Euronext but I can’t seem to find a way to feed the Euronext data into a configuration that updates these two specific stock automatically. (I did manage to download a CVS file with historical quotes that I feeded into PP but these quotes aren’t update automatically)

The two stock are:




I have tried, but I can’t seem to find how to acquire the API or JSON data to configure these two stocks…

Does anyone have a suggestion I can try?


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Thank you so much!
Very clear and works like a charm.

Hi there, I am allowing myself to slightly hijack this thread. First, thanks to ProgFriese because I was also trying to solve this issue. However, when I use this solution, the historical data are only fetched since early February, not earlier. I would think that it is because this is how “investing.com” display the historical quote by defaut.

Therefore, I was wondering if there is a way to do a mix of that with the earlier quote from a file. So I would download the historical data in a csv file and the new ones would be fetched via the webside.

This feature is already available, you could import historical prices manually and on top automatically per your provider settings:

Thanks a lot. I thought it was one or the other.