USD dividends disappear in survey per account

I have some dividends paid in USD on my account. In the Income & Expenses, I can clearly see the dividends per year as long as I select Entire Portfolio. If I Filter on a specific account, where the USD arrives, it says 0. Could this be a bug? USD is immediately converted in EUR but disappears because of that in a survey per bank account?

Did you filter on deposit account or on security account?

Security account and deposit account in usd, nothing showed the dividend of that USD-stock.

I noticed the same. In my case I had been using a “Dividend” to represent an option premium (a cash secured put) on a security that I do not own. It does appear under “income & expenses” but not in Earnings.

Works for me. Please make sure that the filter includes both the securities account and the deposit account (the deposit account to which the dividend was paid).

Correct. There is part of the problem. I have a securities account connected to eur account. They don’t show usd of course. But if I filter on the usd account where the dividend went to, it doesn’t show either in the earnings.

Sigh … Does the filter include both the securities account and the USD deposit account?

The sigh is unneeded.
No of course not. You can’t include 1 securities account and 2 deposit accounts in the filter. That’s the whole point maybe. Will it be possible in the future to associate 1 securities account with a eur account and usd account.

In my case, by selecting just the deposit and security accounts, it still doesn’t show up.

Well, I can …