Use same view layout in multiple files

Hello :slight_smile:
Is it possible to copy & paste or drag & drop or export & import the view „layout“ from one PP file to another?

If not, something you guys are considering!

Btw, great app! I love it.

What are you refering with „view layout“? The dashboard layouts (Export and import dashboards (Reports > Performance))?

Hey Sinetempore,

maybe it is this what you are asking for:

/Help/Preferences/General/Store GUI settings next to Portfolio Performance file

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Sorry forgot to mention, in „Statement of Assets“ view.

Maybe, I look into this, did not know. Thanks.

So now, how do I import the .settings file into a new PP file? Does it work like that?

Hey Sinetempore,

no need to import settings. The settings file is stored as a separate file in the PP program folder. It does not need to be imported. With such a settings file being present PP opens all portfolios with those settings.

Hope this helps


I am confused :slight_smile: see my screenshot attached: each .xml file has its own .settings file.

What I am trying to do is to have the same .settings for all the .xml files in that folder. I would do all the tweaks in Test One.xml and all the new .xml files will have the same settings of Test One.xml.



:pensive: please let me know…

If the layout is saved at an individual setting file, create a copy of your designated template and rename it to the target filename/new portfolio.


I did as explained, but the view in Statement of Assets does not match the designated template…
I would like to match this view (see screenshot) for all my PP files.