Valuing your Portfolio in BTC as a currency

You do want to switch your ne worth/portfolio valuation to a Bitcoin Standard or at least have the option to use BTC as a currency to get your portfolio value shown in BTC?

For now it is a workaround (that works quite well for me). As far as I know there is no way to directly add to BTC as a currency; there just is no way to choose BTC in the currency list. However we can make it work. (If you know another way, feel free to share and let people know how )

So far, this is the way to go:

  1. Add a custom exchange rate for BTC/USD (or any other BTC/FIAT-currency pairing you like)

  2. Add a custom exchange rate for BTC/USD - but there is no BTC as currency name tag available in the list
    2. Add custom exchange rate for BTC-USD, but BTC as currency na

  3. Add a custom exchange rate for BTC/USD - use another existing currency name tag as “trojan horse” to get the BTC/USD exchange rate indirectly listed in currencies to chose from later on. I decided to go with the BTN, which in my mind stands now for “Bitcoin Notation” instead of Butanese Ngultrum.
    3. Add custom exchange rate for BTC-USD - using BTN name tag as currency instead

  4. Add BTC/USD data source (e.g. Kraken)
    4. Add custom exchange rate for BTC-USD, provide data source

  5. Custom exchange rate of BTC/USD added with the name tag of BTN

  6. Chose BTC (BTN) as a currency from menu (File → currency → A-D → BTN)

for demo purposes I added fictional 50,000 USD in bank account to have an asset to be valued in BTC

  1. Here you go - statement of assets valued in BTC with market value shown in USD

Enjoy your portfolio being shown in BTC’s worth :slight_smile:

Hi, I would be in favor of adding the only real money among the fiat currencies in PP - Bitcoin (BTC). It would be good to track the portfolio value in BTC as well.

Also, I would like to add the amount of bitcoin/sats held (not just the $ value held) to the chart. I think this may also be useful for stocks or other investments. I haven’t found a way to show the number of shares held, sats, only the total value in “money” in the chart.

Thanks for the recent addition of bitcoin itself, not for shitcoins.

PP will be perfect after full adoption :wink: !

Stay humble, stack sats!