What is the Investment Plans for?

I cannot quite figure out what the Investment Plans are used for?

Hello Isolesen,

in PP you can manage regularly performed investment, e.g. automatic monthly payments. Some banks offer saving plans which they automatically trigger for you for a fixed amount. This very popular strategy can be automized in PP as well:
You pick a security, an amount and a frequency and PP does it for your. BTW it also works if you put the starting point to the past :wink:

Ah, cool. I have an automatic setup also. Let us see whether it can handle a plan, where you can buy more securities for the fixed amount also.

How does it now the rate that the security is bought at?

It doesn’t; it uses the last known quote, and you need to adjust manually. (Which is why I only use it for regular money transfers.)

chirlu is correct in the way that it takes the rate it knows for the day of purchase, however, adjusting the booking is very easy and quick. Everything else is allready there: account, security, amount, charges.

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