What time should I use for adding stock transactions?

Greetings from Czechia!

I would like to ask a question. When I buy a stock in USA should I set as a time of transaction European time or should the time be translated to US/EST time?

I noticed that sometimes my buys are either significantly over the graph line or below. I know what synthetic spread caused by brokers is but I don’t think that this is the issue. I was wondering if the issue could not be caused by setting wrong time when adding the transaction. Let’s say I bought US stock on NYSE at 6:32 PM (Prague time). When adding the transaction to the app, should I register the time 6:32 PM or convert it to EST (which would make 12:32)?

Thank you for an answer

It doesn’t matter much; the time is only used for sorting transactions of the same day when they are combined into trades. What you should not do, obviously, is to mix different time zones (e.g. use EST for transactions at NYSE and CET for transactions in Prague).

It’s either an error (in the quote or the transaction), or it can be completely correct if it was a volatile day and you actually bought much higher or lower than the closing quote.