Wrong purchase value after selling part of the shares


After selling 6 shares the purchase value of the security is been wrongly calculated.
It seems PP recalculates the first buy i did for this security by reducing the amount of shares on the historical quote.
In my opion the purchase value should be recalculated by reducing the price of the 6 shares based on the quote off selling.

Any idea how to fix this?

Correct. PP is using the FIFO - first in, first out - to calculate the purchase price.

Not sure. It would mix purchase and sale price. And it could lead to a negative purchase price. Let’s say I purchase 8 for 2300 EUR and then sell 6 for 5000 EUR.

You can look at the “trades” to see how each trade (which is concluded by selling something off) performs.


Hi Andreas,

Thx for your reply and clarification!
Find my problem/solution. Instead of looking to P/L column I need to add the column “absolute performance for X year” to see my total P/L € value.
I misinterpreted the report statement of assets as it’s presented by default to “today”

B. regards,

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