Wrong quotes for Credit Agricole


I’m trying to add a company to my Portfolio but I have problems finding it.

Name : Crédit Agricole SA

Screenshot :

Inside Portfolio I do :

  • Search for instrument :
    Here I tried everything, search by name, search by symbol… nothing seem to works ; it give me a result with the same name but the value isn’t the good one :

ISIN and Symbol are good :

but when I add it, it show 7.192 value…

the real value is 13.226€

How can I add Credit Agricole to my portfolio ? Do I do something wrong ?

thank you.

Hello, you found the correct one, but there may be an issue in the Historical Quotes. I do not know what you selected here, but when I select “Yahoo Finance” and then “XCA.BE (Berlin)”, the quotes seem ok.

Any ideas what is the solution to this historical wrong quotes for the stock ?

As @Veterini mentioned use the symbol XCA.F or XCA.BE for instance.