Wrong total values are shown

Hi, Suddenly I’ve been getting totally wrong total values for securities. As an example I bought 2 shares Lotus Bakeries at a total cost of EUR 12,480. In the “Security Performance (Standard)” view, the purchase price shows up at EUR 60,963.95 (average price) and the Market Value at EUR 140,917.92. The real value is around EUR 12,480.
this error appears on ALL my securities. Anyone any idea what might go wrong. Historic quotes appear to be correct and I get the same result if I use a different source for the quote.
I do not have this problem with my other portfolio.

What ist your BaseCurrency?

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HI my base currency is EUR

No, it’s not. We can tell from your screenshot, because if it was EUR, the amounts wouldn’t be given as “EUR 12480.00”, but just as “12480.00”. You may have changed it inadvertently; in any case, you should change it back now.

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Thank you Chirlu, Ok might be the case. Hope you’re right, can you tell me how/where I can change the base currency?
regards, Iain

Found it and changed it. Did the trick. Thanks Chirlu!