Wrong TTWOR for past years


For years before 2022 (exluded) the calculated TTWOR is completely wrong.

For example, I have tried it with MSCI World (+31% in 2021) and it gives me -0,52%…

I have selected MSCI World as a benchmark, set current period to 2021. Am I forgetting something ? It’s working great with 2022. I have checked the historical quotes and by doing it manually it gives me +31%.

Thank you

What data source for the MSCI World? Which currency?

Data source : MSCI World Net EUR Taux historiques - Investing.com

Exported in CSV since 2020 and imported back in PP.

Euro currency.

So, first check that the historical prices as stored in PP are correct. According to your source, they should be 335.13 on 2020-12-31 and 439.25 on 2021-12-31. (This corresponds to +31.07%.)

If that is OK, explain or show exactly what you do in PP to get to –0.52%.

The prices are as mentionned.

In the performance tab, I add the widget “Cumulated TTWOR”, right click on it and select the benchmark MSCI World and let current period to dashboard’s period. I then choose 2021 for current period and it displays -0,52%. If I choose 2022 it displays -12,78% which is the good value.

Same errors for periods before 2021. If it helps I started investing in 2022 so I have no operations before 01/01/2022. But as it is a benchmark there should be no link…

Thanks for the help

Ah yes, benchmarks don’t start before the first transaction. This is to make the performance graphs better comparable.

Indeed ! If I add a fake account with one transaction in 2018 it is now working !

Any tips for having this account not show in the state tab ? Because if it has 0€ inside, it does not work anymore, and if I let some € inside it will display in state tab…


Not really, except you can withdraw any dummy money soon after having deposited it.

I tried but the issue comes back. Added 1€ on 01/01/1950 then withdraw it on 02/01/1950… and back to -0,52%

It’s not that important, but prefered to ask in case.

Edit : i just added an operation in 1950 and withdraw the same amount on my starting balance in 2018, works.

Thank you