Xml portfolio file will not load

I have a portfoilio set up and saved as xml file on my mac (OS Big Sur 11.7.1). I have not checked it for a couple of months - now when I try to open it will not load… the Loading myfile.xml bar appears but never loads.
I have a backup file and some older versions of the same file and it is the same problem with all of them.
I did update PP to Version: 0.62.0 (Apr 2023) on opening. Could this be related?
thanks for any suggestions

The current version of PP should be able to read any file, no matter how old it is.

It has occasionally happened that the auto-update process goes wrong, leading to mysterious issues. So you might try to download and install PP again from scratch (current version) and see if it works.

Thanks - I had about 6 versions of the file - none of which opened.

I plugged in an backup of my mac with the same files. They opened with the same version of PP.

Can’t explain why. But at least it is now working. Thany you for your suggestion.