Yahoo quotes seem incorrect for a few stocks

Hi all,

I changed my quote provider from Alpha Vantage back to Yahoo, and I found that some quotes are really strange. For example for VWCE.DE:

The quote of today seems correct, but the others are too high. If I go to Yahoo finance and look for the stock, I see the following quotes in the summary (which seem correct):

However, when I click on ‘Chart’, I can see a similar drop:

Does anybody have an idea what is the reason behind this? I thought it might have to do with dividend payments, but VWCE does not pay dividends.

I am experiencing the same problem with XMLD.DE. When using Alpha Vantage, the quotes seem correct. However, I rather not use Alpha Vantage because of their API call limit.

Thanks in advance and happy new year to all;)

Yeah, Yahoo Finance is known for often having bad data. Currently, it seems they present a EUR price for the latest date and USD prices for the past, for many funds.

There is mostly no good reason to use Yahoo Finance at all. Ariva works great for me for almost all securities. Onvista is also a good source.

Thanks for your reply! Do you connect through an API? Or ‘Table on web site’ option?

If you use the second option, do you know whether it is possible to get the data of 30+ days ago? Thanks!

Table on web site. And there is a CSV download option on the right of the page. You need to download and import manually once.

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