Add all stock from an index in “All Securities”

I’m a new user of Portfolio Performance and I was looking for a feature that allow me to add all the 40 stocks of the CAC 40 (French big cap index) on my “All Securities”.
I’m surprised not to see anything like that as it is very time-consuming to add stock by stock.

I’m I missing something ? And if not, how should I propose this new feature on the to do list of developpers/maintainers ? Directly on the “Issues” of the github project ?

Thank for your attention, and thanks for the tool !

Another related issu,

I’ve managed to get some stock with the yahoo symbol and an import csv, but PP do not use yahoo finance as the default “quote feed”, I have to change them manually, on by one.
Is there an option I have to tick so the quote are queried automatically ?

It’s not something that would be reasonable to do. No-one buys all the stocks of an index; they either buy a small selection or an index fund.


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I do not really agree, of course you don’t buy a whole index but some people do need a lot of different stock.

Thank you ! I have seen your solution yesterday and tried it but then corrupted my data file. I will try again later.