Adding Stock Dividend

Dear all, thanks for the program, it’s outstanding!

I have been looking in the forum for „how to add a stock dividend“ (dividend payed with new stocks) but I could’t find it. I’m sorry if it’s already answered in the forum (I don’t speak German so my search could be limited).

Does the program allow to do this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You cannot add a stock dividend directly at the moment. The best workaround is:

  1. (cash) dividend transaction
  2. buy transaction

The amount has to match, so that effectively, there is no change on your deposit account.

Just as a reference, the relevant German discussion topic: Buchung Aktiendividende

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Title says it all: how to add stock dividend?

I read here that you can add it using two transactions, but that seems sub-optimal.

I should be a simple solution in the code. When I add a transaction with value zero it doesn’t work as of now, as it complains. Also, when you add it via CSV import is does work, BUT it takes the value as a sell instead of a buy. Seems like a bug.

So if that bug is solved, wouldn’t we effectively have stock dividend?

Also, another possibly better workaround as of now might be adding it using an inbound delivery, instead as a buy option offset with a cash dividend transaction. Or is there another reason why the latter is better?