Adding stocks in PP after spinoff

After a company spinoff, I received some stocks in my account and my purchase price for them is actually 0.
How can I add them to my PortfolioPerformance portfolio?

Thanks in advance.

Dear rpenchev ,

there are long threads here in the forum on that, unfortunately all are in German.

Yes, of course can you add the shres to PP

In short:

  • The shares are not for free
  • all shares have a price, even thought they appear to you being for free
  • a typical scenario is that the mother company pays a dividend (which you do not see or get physically)
  • The dividend is used to purchase stocks of the span of company

However, it depends on how the transaction is handled individually by your broker or the mother company

Thanks, Harry_Hirsch.
So the advice is to add a dividend first and then to “buy” the stocks? But this will reflect on the Payment statistics…
Can you please send me a link to the forum thread, I will try to translate it from German.

This one is quite recent