Allow dividends to be negative

I love this tool. It’s a blast to register your entire portfolio and gain valuable insights in my investment decisions.

I do have one particular issue which identified itself on two separate occasions: negative dividends, or negative intrest (not a charge!).

Bonds with clean pricing have daily interest settlement upon purchasing and selling the bond. So if you buy a bond halfway through its two intrest payout dates, you actually have to buy the accrued intrest besides the price of the bonds itself (e.g. €100 for the bond + €1 intrest in case of 2% p.a. = €101). At the end of the intrest period you get paid the entire amount (e.g. €2). Right now I have the register the €1 of intrest as „Intrest Charge“ in Portfolio Performance, but I cannot link it to the security. An example is XS1002121454.