Apply Quote feed Yahoo finance to multiple stocks after import

Hi all

I imported a bunch of transaction into a new portfolio with a couple hundred stocks. Is there away to apply yahoo finance as the quote feed in one shot or do I have to go into edit for each ticker and apply yahoo finance as the quote feed ? I did it one by one on another portfolio, but it took me forever. All my tickers are yahoo finance format tickers. Thanks

Hey twmint,

yes, you have to go into all stocks and edit the ticker individually.

directly edit the data file

Is there a solution for this? I imported 100 stocks with Yahoo Finance style tickers and the system is just not able to pick up the historical prices, I need to go one by one…

Yes, just in the post before yours by @flywire. Of course that is no official way, but it is a solution and if you’re careful and know what you’re doing there can’t be that much damage.

Don’t forget to backup your file before.