Automatically import quotes of funds

Hi there, I have normal UCITS fund (Luxembourg and Ireland) for which I’d like to automatically import daily quotes from morning star or any other site. Can anybody tell me how to do this? Today I have to manually input the quotation!

Depends on which ISIN and in which currency.

UCITS with Lu and IE initials 2 exemples

  1. direct from the promoter site : Fundsmith Equity fund T Cap : LU0690375182 ;

  2. one from a supplier like boursorama .com : Blackrock GF WRLD HLTHSC : LU2112291799
    Fundsmith site : Fund Factsheet | Fundsmith

in EUR

Paste the URL into


Thank you very much

It worked very well. Some quote are diverging from the home fund sites but give a good valuatiion stil in globo.

I wonder why the sites of Boursorama and Zone bourse are not working. I applied your scheme on the Ariva DE site and it worked. Still some divergence for the Schroders European Value LU0191612000 which I do not explain i.e. 54.9778 instead of 54.17 for the value on 21-01-2022??

In either case many thanks for your input and advise.