Bucharest Stock Exchange quotes in Yahoo Finance

Is there a way to add Bucharest Stock Exchange in the list of exchanges?
I am trying to get the quote for TLV.RO from Yahoo Finance (Yahoo is part of the Yahoo family of brands), but I dont have the option in the dropdown in the “Latest Quote” tab

It appears for “PWP leeway” provider, but not for Yahoo Finance

Any thoughts?

Thank you

Maybe, Kurse von der Warschauer Börse über Yahoo Finance beziehen can help.

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TLV.RO from yahoo has a latest quote
but no historical data

Have you already found a source for historical data?

What I meant was that i cannot select “TLV.RO” in this dropdown for latest quote:

I managed to find historical data on Banca Transilv Historical Price Data (ROTLV) - Investing.com

and import it via CSV

Select at first some other value from the list and than overwrite the symbol to TLV.RO


Looks crazy, but it works

@AndreasB Add Stock Exchange WA / Yahoo · portfolio-performance/portfolio@9c1ea2a · GitHub
no idea if this was/is the right place in github to express a wish

the link also works as a “table on a website”

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Thank you all for your help.
I didnt realize you can go back to the first tab and change that code :slight_smile:

Its a workaround, but it works.

And yes, that link works as a “table on a website” but only for the past month. Because I wanted more historical data, I had to use the date selector, then export as CSV and import into the Portfolio Performance