Daily change is zero when the US stock exchanges are closed

I have had this issue for years but I thought I will post about so that perhaps it will benfits other facing the same issue.

I have a range of UK, US and EU stocks. When I open the app outside US opening times (including weekend), the quotes get updated but day change (delta %)is always set to zero, unless I open the app during the exchange opening hours. When I hoover over the delta column, it’s showing me that the lastest price was from yesterday and the previous price is the day before, although the stock exchange is closed as it’s the weekend (so on 22/01 showing 21/01’s difference with 20/01 as zero). For EU/UK stocks, the delta works well, showing me the diff between latest quote when the stock exchange was opened and the day before (so showing 20/01’s difference with 19/01). I have the same issue (i.e. zero delta) when I try to load US quotes during the week before the stock exhchange is open.

I wonded if I need to select a specific timezone for US stocks to fix this issue. The other cumbersome solution proposed by another person in this form is to change the OS time, load the quotes then rest the correct time.


PP internally only uses dates. What is your source for US stock prices, and what is your system timezone?

I am using Yahoo Finance as the source of quotes and my time zone is GMT + 4. The odd thing is that the delta is only zero for US-listed stock (not with France or UK-listed, for example).

When you look at the historical quotes for a security (in the “All securities” view), are the dates shown there right or are they off by one day for US stocks?

What happens if you apply “Delete latest price” from the context menu of a (US) stock?

The last historical date column is Jan 20 which ic correct but in the daily delta, the latest price is shown as 22/01 (i.e. the weekend) when the exhange is closed, that’s why there is no price change since 20th. I recall that I tried once to delete the latest price, it worked but then as soon I refresh the quotes or restart the app, the delta goes back to zero. It’s as if the app defaults to the last quote when there is no new update available (because of weekend, outside operating times) and assigns it to today’s date. This does not happen for UK/EU stock where the last correct quote is maintained and not overrwritten.

Since we’re Monday and the US stock exchange is open now, everything works fine for US stocks (latest price 23/01; previous price Jan 20/01).

I am surprised that no one had experienced the same issue.


Well, someone did (No % change and amount change shown using Yahoo Finance).

Do you need the intra-day quotes? If not, the simplest solution would be to turn them off (and delete the existing ones, which is only necessary once).

Yes, I saw that post last year but there was no solution provided within the app.

Regarding your suggestion, I don’t need to have intra-day quotes in most cases, so do I need to go to configure online update → Yahoo finance (adjusted close)?


Edit each security. On the “latest” tab, choose “no automatic download”. (Leave the “historical” tab as it is.)

Then remove the stored latest quote from each security.

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Thanks Chirlu. Will try tomorrow morning when the US stock exchange is closed.

That did not work unfortunately. The latest quote is from yesterday 23/01 as shown in the ‘hostorical quotes’. However, when I hover over the delta column, it is showing the latest price date as 24/01 and the previous price as being from the 23/01, although the US stock exchange is closed this morning (on 24/01).

Very bizarre behaviour as it only affect US stocks so far!

As I said,

(context menu).

Not that strange as only US exchanges close after midnight in your timezone (at 1 a.m., I think).

Thanks again. I have included a screenshot so that others can see how to manually remove the latest quote. It seems to be working this morning - let’s see what will happen when the US exchanges open.

This was happening only with US stocks as I opened the app before UK/EU exchanges’ opening time and the daily change was set properly.


I confirm that this trick works on US-listed stocks. Thanks alot.