Dark Theme issue in Securities Menu when switching Tabs

Hello friends,

There is a minor issue when using Dark Theme.
Steps to reproduce in Dark Mode.

Under Reports > Securities
If we ADD two or more tabs ( also called VIEW ) then when we switch back and forth,
the sorted column will have white back ground.
It does not matter which column is selected as sorting one.


I am using PP with latest update:
Version: 0.56.3 ( Jan 2022)
Platform: win32 x86_64
on Windows 10 ( 21H1)

Keep up the good work.

PS: Maybe due to page translation, cannot select category of post when creating topic. Apologies.

I note the warning after changing theme [V0.56.2] A restart is required for the theme to take full effect.

Unfortunately after doing a windows 10 OS Restart, the same issue remains.

@charles03: This is a known bug:

This issue was also reported in the german section (just as link between both topics):


Thanks, it seems to be from the underlying library as its logged in
Eclipse too.