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I have recently started to use this application and very much in line in what i was looking to track my portfolio.

I have an API from my broker which i would like to use for getting quote. Is there a way to add Dynamic Price URL. I get it as a CSV stream currently. Is this feature available?

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Can you be more specific about the structure of the URL that you want to request and what parts need to be filled in dynamically?

PP have some macros which can change the URL, for example:


This URL is pure fantasy, just interesting is the part in “{…}”, it builds automaticly a date one month ago.

So far the answer is yes.

Normally not, only in special cases that were specially built for this purpose, e.g. this Swiss construction Historische Kurse von VIAC - #133 by KopolJunam

It can also work if you set up a data-modifying proxy yourself, which does the conversion from CSV to JSON. This is the hard way.

But usually the broker APIs give out JSON all by themselves, so if you say which security it is actually about, someone can certainly tell you how to get quotes for it.

I have a wrapper written on top of the broker url as it needs specific IDs instead of Exchange Symbols and returning a CSV stream. I can change it to JSON stream. So lets keep CSV part aside.
So the URL is like “http://localhost/getdata?symbol={symbol}&startdate={startdate)”
Below are the options i see. I don’t see dynamic url or macros option. It will help if you share steps to associate a dynamic url to a security

Table on web site

Cool, you’re going the hard way, voluntarily :wink:

If you want to use JSON you have to choose JSON as provider, you can see in JSON Quote Feed Provider - Portfolio Performance Manual
The macros are not described already in english, but in german Kursdaten laden - Portfolio Performance Handbuch


In this example-URL (it is Aavas Financiers Limited:INR, what a coincidence), which is good for a browser but not good for PP, you maybe want to use the ticker-macro and the date-macro.

scripcode=AAVASEQ => scripcode={TICKER} (if you have changed the symbol AAVAS.NS to AAVASEQ)
firstreceivedataid=2024-02-07 => firstreceivedataid={TODAY}

How to find the correct JSON-Path is described here Automatically import quotes of funds - #14 by ProgFriese

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Great. That explains all my queries. I am able to get the quotes.

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