How to import data from Degiro?

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I have a big portfolio with Degiro and I am wondering if there is an easy way to import all my data from Degiro to the portfolio performance application.


I would advise you to use the pdf import:

thanks. just tried that and found a catch. Suggestion for improvement for Degiro data

Hi all

Great software thank you.

I noticed that Degiro users need to download the transactions in PDF and then import to the software. This is fine but there is a catch.

In Degiro, in the “Transaction” tab, the displayed values are without the FX fee.
The FX fee is only taken into account in the displayed values in the “Account Statement” tab in Degiro.

This means that if we download the transactions and import them to the software, then the values do not include the paid FX fee (0.25%) and thus, numbers are not accurate and do not match degiro’s estimations.

To illustrate this here is an example:

"Transaction" tab

Here we see a total amount spent of 68.87 EUR (this includes the 0.5 fee but not the FX fee).

"Account Statement" tab

Here we see a total amount spent of 69.04 (68.54+0.5). This includes both the 0.5 fee and the FX fee that is (0.25/100)*68.54 = 0.17 EUR.

Sanity check: Transaction tab value + FX = Account Statement: 68.87 + 0.17 = 69.04.

Is there any way that the software can import data from the “Account Statement” tab and not from the “Transactions” tab?

Should I open a github issue? @AndreasB @Nirus

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Thanks for the reply.

This makes sense I agree. Posting here the PDF is not an option because it contains personal info but the PDF from the Account Statement section, includes the number of shares in the title.

E.g. see above: Achat 1 THE TRADE DESK = 1 share of TTD

For now, I will just keep in mind that all the numbers lack the deduction of the FX fee.


Hey makis,

you do not need to post the PDF. You debug the PDF first and remove personal data.

With my previous post I was wrong and you replied allready, so I rendered it senseless.

PP can only import numbers which exists. From your screenshots I do not see a value of 0.17 EUR

You are right.

I think I need to ask Degiro to integrate this FX fee in the values reported in the “Transaction” tab so that then PP imports that and everything is 100% accurate.