How to import from Interactive Brokers


Here is a how-to for the IB Importer. I would be grateful for any corrections:

Also If there is a better place to host this information let me know.


Thank you, my friend. Have you also discovered a way to import dividends? Maybe you describe your proceeding briefly here, in case your blog is not available;)


Dividends can be imported. Dividends from IB are exported as “Cash Transaction” entries.

You can open the flex statement XML in a text editor and search for “<CashTransaction” to verify that IB exported this data correctly. The attributes for each element must include:


If you have complete information from IB and are still not seeing dividends after the import then there is a bug to report.


Ok, thanks for the explanation. The export works fine. Unfortunately, all transactions are crossed out inside the import process an marked with a red X without any explanation.


Ok, I will look at the code. There are several sanity checks that I have not really looked at. But possibly one of them is rejecting your data.
Can you just paste some lines from the data you are importing - that might give me ideas.


Right click on a crossed out transaction -> there should be an explanation

I assume there is a problem with the currency of the account in PP and the currency of the IB transactions.
Did you export your account information from IB?



sorry, forget to answer. Yes, it’s an export from IB. Actual the error says (in German) sth. like: booking currency USD is not valid for account currency EUR.

My account currency is EUR and the dividend is paid in USD. I think I exported the currency conversion. Any other advice than changing the account currency?

edit: I could edit the XML in excel and change the currency text from USD to EUR and do a currency conversion from 10 EUR to 12,4 USD (e.g.)
edit2: the row for “Withholding Tax” is automatically calculated (I would say with the value fxRateToBase) from USD to EUR during the import. Why doesn’t this work for dividends?


Thank you, Charles for this import filter. Some of my transactions aren’t imported without error message - some wrong. Is there a logfile to check or sth else?

With kind regards