How to input cryptocurrency transfers between Broker accounts (Coinbase <=> Binance)


Hello everyone, first of all I’ve got to say I absolutely fell in love with this software since I discovered it a month ago.
It’s perfectly displaying all Transfers and operations on my stocks , bank accounts and even P2P but the only part of my Portfolio I haven’t been able to properly Input is the cryptocurrency one.

For anyone familiar with crypto , I used Coinbase to buy Bitcoin with euros (so far so good , I can Input those purchases in Portfolio Performance ) and used Binance to buy other cryptocurrencies sending Bitcoins to Binance via Coinbase and then trading Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies.

That’s where the Problem is, how do I reliably and efficiently make those Transfers between Crypto Brokers?

Disclaimer: I know that cryptocurrencies are probably considered as a joke here, I agree that It most likely was a bubble and there’s a high Chance I lose everything. but it’s a very small slice of my Portfolio and I’m willing to take that risk.


My prefered way for crypto in PP is to ignore the different wallets and adresses. Any crypto I hold is added to a single Depot called Wallet and I just have different bank accounts for each exchange to create the transactions.


You should be able to transfer them between different accounts in the same way you can transfer any currency or security.


That’s also what I wanted to do, but for example let’s say you bought 1000€ worth of Bitcoin on Coinbase then you moved those Bitcoins to Binance and on Binance you sold the bitcoins and bought 70% NEO and 30%XRP with that “money” how do you objectively make the changes in PP ?

Thanks a lot for answering


The same way you calculate wins and losses for such trades: you pretend to sell it for EUR and buy back from Eur to NEO. In PP you create two different orders and use the price in eur at the time.