How to input cryptocurrency transfers between Broker accounts (Coinbase <=> Binance)

Hello everyone, first of all I’ve got to say I absolutely fell in love with this software since I discovered it a month ago.
It’s perfectly displaying all Transfers and operations on my stocks , bank accounts and even P2P but the only part of my Portfolio I haven’t been able to properly Input is the cryptocurrency one.

For anyone familiar with crypto , I used Coinbase to buy Bitcoin with euros (so far so good , I can Input those purchases in Portfolio Performance ) and used Binance to buy other cryptocurrencies sending Bitcoins to Binance via Coinbase and then trading Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies.

That’s where the Problem is, how do I reliably and efficiently make those Transfers between Crypto Brokers?

Disclaimer: I know that cryptocurrencies are probably considered as a joke here, I agree that It most likely was a bubble and there’s a high Chance I lose everything. but it’s a very small slice of my Portfolio and I’m willing to take that risk.

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My prefered way for crypto in PP is to ignore the different wallets and adresses. Any crypto I hold is added to a single Depot called Wallet and I just have different bank accounts for each exchange to create the transactions.

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You should be able to transfer them between different accounts in the same way you can transfer any currency or security.

That’s also what I wanted to do, but for example let’s say you bought 1000€ worth of Bitcoin on Coinbase then you moved those Bitcoins to Binance and on Binance you sold the bitcoins and bought 70% NEO and 30%XRP with that “money” how do you objectively make the changes in PP ?

Thanks a lot for answering

The same way you calculate wins and losses for such trades: you pretend to sell it for EUR and buy back from Eur to NEO. In PP you create two different orders and use the price in eur at the time.

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And what happens with cryptocurrency decimals, PP only allows 6 but I have operations of 8 decimals

at this time you have 2 choices regarding decimals: you ignore the missing digits or you generate a very unintuitive multiple (by 10^x) of the values and move the decimals into the valid area and reduce the number of assets by 1/10^x .
I highly recommend ignoring the last digits.

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