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Thank you for the extensive tut.

Question: If I already have my PF data all setup and running the way I want and import again data from PDF, Does it overrides what I already have or does it add to it?

This topic is csv but it recognises the pdf record and will not import it again. You can delete the record(s) and reimport to say update references.

Can anyone here maybe help me with this issue here? CSV-Import Buchung internationales Wertpapier in ein Depot in Euro. I think here might be some people who have had similar issues.


I thought I had the problem fixed with the latest update, but apparently doesn’t look like it to me.

Please provide an example in .csv (.txt) format, then I can look at it again.


Hi, commented in the actual topic. I only see in the “new release info” this: “Verbesserung: Neue Einstellung: Währung immer anzeigen (= nicht weglassen für die Berichtswährung).”

thanks that you are having a look.

Thank you for the explanation flywire.

Could you explain what each of the data types represent. I don’t understand which one i’m supposed to use when importing different stuff (transactions, taxonomies, stocks)

Five types of data are supported: Account Transactions, Portfolio Transactions, Securities, Historical Quotes and Securities Account and each type has a different set of minimum fields.

For example, what’s the difference between Account Transactions and Portfolio Transactions? in the PP UI I don’t see any reference to portfolio transactions. All I see is transactions in Accounts, be it Deposit or Securities Accounts

In the absence of a manual, I use the SIAS (Suck It And See) approach. The name is a hint, then try exporting something and importing it back in. Portfolio and Account transactions are used in the thread. I normally just remove fields until I find the minimum.

If you find something useful then contributing it would be welcome.

Hello all,

Hopefully someone can help.

I just want to import securities (no transactions whatsoever) to build a watchlist with all S&P components.

I am able to import the securities from a csv file I build with “security name” and “ticker” however I am not able to link all these to a quote provider, I normally use yahoo finance.

Is there any build in function?


we need this function built in

Yes I agree

Hello, I’ve recently got this error message whenever I’m going to load the historical data for any given security:

I’ve tried with previous CSV which have served perfectly in the past, but nowadays I get this message with any security. What do I have to do?

Thank you very much.

It might be one line of data. Try a file with a single line of data. If that fails post the data here.


I don’t know how to put everything in a single line of data, so i just get the second line and cropped it after a comma to the header line.

Then I got this:

At least i got the Import window, but when I shifted from separated with semicolon to "separated with comma, I got this error message.

As I told, it never happened before and I’ve tried to repeat the proccess I did previously in other securities with no problem at all, but now I get this error. I suppose it is related with the config of the program when it has to import info, maybe a language issue (I use PP in Spanish).

Any clue? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I’ve been experimenting with the language and… Eureka!! When I shifted to English it was able to recognize the CSV.

I suppose this is a language bug. I always have been using historical data from the Deutch site of with no problems at all. How can I let the developers know about this bug?

Thank you very much.

Open an issue at Issues · portfolio-performance/portfolio · GitHub. You should include a short csv file, maybe 1 line, which demonstrates the problem and list the steps which cause the issue to occur and not occur.

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