Import open, high, low, close and volume from CSV

This part of my previous question here got lost. This follows up on that topic.

As it is not possible to download arbitrary json data as needed, I created a simple python script that gets data from PSE and exports them to CSV. The problem with existing data sources is that e.g. start marker or standard market are not available on say Yahoo.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way to select CSV file as data source. Yes, one can import a CSV file but it can only import quoute and date, no information on volumes, max, min or open or close. An extreme workaround seems to be to export the CSV to HTML, publish it to some website and then use the scraping described in the manual. But this is quite convoluted.

Is there an undocumented way to support historical quotes from CSV in the same manner as from JSON or other sources?

PP only stores one historical price per day. There is no difference between sources.

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If that is true, why is there this screen, in historical quotes? That is, why does one provide how to get from day’s low/high/volume etc from the data stream. That makes no sense, if such data is never used.

I fear we face an understanding issue.

You can make use of all data fields:

  • URL:
  • Date: $.quoteList.list[*].expires
  • Quote: $.quoteList.list[*].last
  • Low: $.quoteList.list[*].datetimeLowPrice1Year
  • High: $.quoteList.list[*].highPrice1Year
  • Volume: $.quoteList.list[*].totalVolume

This is just an example on how to make use.

Nevertheless, keep @chirlu’s answer in mind.


Indeed, that doesn’t make sense. Apparently someone who didn’t understand the difference between historical quotes and latest simply used the same code for both.

Perhaps the reason why the “Historical Quotes” tab uses the same fields as the “Latest Quote” tab, including the ones not used by Historical itself, is that in Latest, the user can opt to use the Quote Feed settings from Historical (first item in the Provider dropdown field).
For example, if the Historical tab had no “Path to Volume”, users wishing to retrieve “Path to Volume” data for Latest would have to maintain separate configurations for Historical and Latest quotes.

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