Send multiple requests for historical prices

When obtaining data from json response, my url needs to include start and end dates and the provides sends only 10 data items (trading days) so if I want history between. 1.1.2024 and 20.1.2024, I have to to have two URLs so that one has: “dateFrom=2024-01-01&dateTo=2024-01-11” the other has “dateFrom=2024-01-12&dateTo=2024-01-20”. Alternatively, there is a “pagination” so one can do: “dateFrom=2024-01-01&dateTo=2024-01-20&page=1” and “dateFrom=2024-01-01&dateTo=2024-01-20&page=2”
Is there a way to include this into the JSON provider?

Hi @lesupan,

I doubt this feature will come until you develop it yourself or convince anyone else doing it. Historical quotes is a once per security thing, and PP has already quite some possibilities to achieve this: