Importing dividend transactions -- no dividend field

Hi. Ich spreche keine Deutsche. Sorry.

I am importing a large number of transactions as I start using the program.

A decent number are dividend transactions. I do a portfolio import, but there is no field for “Dividend” under “Type.”

Does the program ignore these?

In any event, how do I import them?

Finally, is there a way to create a new field (can an individual user create a new field)?

Danke shoen

Are you using the CSV importer?

A dividend is a valid type for an account transaction. You might expect it as a portfolio transaction (me too :wink: ).

What is the CSV importer? Where is it? I go to Import>CSV [Files] and import.

I am also getting this error message in several other schwab accounts. Obviously something is wrong in the file. What should I look to change?Error%20Message%20Account%20Import

Thank you much.

PS Where do I go to change the language on the website? I can’t find it. English is already set up in my program. Again, many thanks.

Yes, exactly. As mentioned you can find the dividend type when importing account transactions.

I guess, this information belongs to the topic Unexplainable technical problem with import from Schwab, right?