Importing dividends with currency conversion from CSV-file possible?

Hi, I’m trying to write some documentation for PP (it helps me to understand things). And maybe, it can be useful for others (see Importing | hugsch)

I recently investigated the CSV-import. There is one use-case I couldn’t resolve: dividend payments between currencies; for example a USD-share dividend into a EUR cash account.

I use the import type: Account Transactions (not very intuitive why, but dividend payments with the Portfolio Transactions won’t work).

My CSV-file looks like:

Type, Date, ISIN, Cash Account, Value, fees, taxes, shares, Exchange Rate
dividend, 2022-01-01, US5949181045, Broker-A (EUR), 200, 3, 2, 25, 1.1

The ISIN refers to an USD-share (eg MSFT). The cash account has EUR as currency. Importing this file gives the following error:

I’ve tried to add other fields (Gross Amount, Transaction Currency, Currency Gross Amount, …) in different variations, but to no use. Without some insight, it’s like seeking a needle in a hay stack.

If someone knows the answer, or could point me to some documentation (for example a clarification of the import types (see Einlieferung und Kauf von Wertpapieren in einer Datei beim CSV-Import - Deutsch / Import/Export - Portfolio Performance Forum ( for a start, this would help me very much.

If you’re intended to import the amount to an EUR account, why do these settings reffers to USD?

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Feel free to update the csv wikis:

Suppose that your broker can deliver a CSV-file with all the dividend payments

First thing to check is the bank statement.

@Rafa You’re right. This was the wrong screenshot (one of my many fruitless attempts). The screenshot that belongs to the shown CSV-file is below. The error is “Exchange rate of gross value is missing (transaction currency EUR and security currency USD)”; but I always thought that the Gross Amount was calculated (Value + Fees + taxes). I’ve tried to use the Offset Account but the problem is that these terms aren’t documented. In fact, I’ve no clue what an Offset Account is :frowning:

It may be a mistranslation. What is meant is the other account referred to in a transaction (where the money is coming from or going to). The German term is Gegenkonto.

@flywire Thanks.
I’ve read the text about importing CSV but it doesn’t cover the use case of two currencies. (Not sure; it’s difficult to find your way in the extensive forum). When I find the solution, I will add it to the forum.

Besides that, don’t you think it’s time to create a proper documentation/manual? I’m certainly willing to contribute and spend some time on it.


That intrigued me about PP too. Developers generally hate documenting, I suppose the intention is to rely on web searches (including this forum), and I can see most information is in German. Translation seems to be an issue so some decent definitions would be useful.

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