Is there is a way to display number of shares if less than one?


I’m trying to track my bitcoin trade with Portfolio Performance.

It’s nice but I have a problem with number of share owned/bought : it always display 0 because I bought less than 1btc.

Is there is an option to allow float number to display when value is < 1 ?
I didn’t find anything :face_with_monocle:


is Portfolio performance still in development ? if it’s not possible to display number of share < 1, is there is a way to ask developer for this improvement ?

thank you

Yes, there is a setting for the number of decimals to be shown (up to eight).

Yes, definitely.

Do you mean “<1”? If not, please elaborate on what this has to do with negative numbers.

sorry i mean <1 as seen on the screenshot : it show 0 instead of 0,00418126

So this is your solution.

Thanks for help, :partying_face:
I found how to display float number, it work fine for share !

nb: Since I edited this value, when I save setting, I got a java.lang.NullPointerException (no idea where to report it)


I have an other problem, I only have 2 décimals for fees (0.xx).

it makes the calculus wrong; when Kraken (the website where I buy cryptos) take 0.2574€ fees, for example, Portfolio will register only 0,25€ :


After only +/-20trades, I already have +/-0.06€ error. :face_with_thermometer:
I’m wondering how big the errors will be in 6-8months :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Do I miss another setting or is there is no way to save the full fees values?


thanks for your time

A Euro account will only support whole cents, no fractions.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: does it mean nobody can track crypto trade with Portfolio performance ?

I tried to make a request, I hope they can do it.
If it’s optional for users, it can’t be bad…

There is a bit of discussion in German:

The issue is, as I said, that you would need a deposit account that can store fractions of cents. It’s strange that those crypto exchanges apparently operate with tiny amounts like these. Every proper bank will round to whole cents.

Actually, it can, because added complexity will make the software more difficult to maintain and more error prone.

thanks for your time.

I see that the dev already closed a request from the German thread… :rage:
So I don’t think they will try to implement this.

i think I will just have to find another software if I can’t track my crypto trades. I don’t know if rounding (up or down) the numbers could fix the wrong calculus without making everything random and false.

That’s so sad, portfolio performance works good to track shares.


Hey Demky,

6 Cents compared to 319,89 EUR is an error of 0,02 %. However, I do understand your intention to perfectly align the accounts. The necessity to switch to another software on such small deviations is entirely up to your own decision.

What came to my attention, however, you put in fees of 0,25 EUR whereas your broker stated 0,2574 EUR. This clearly should have been 0,26 EUR in PP. This trade alone would have reduced the overall error of 0,06 EUR to 0,05 EUR, a correction of almost 17 %.
I assume the more trades you do and applying rounding correctly the better the overall deviation will match zero.

I hope this makes sense

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Thanks I’m going to try this even though it’s not perfect :disappointed_relieved: