Net Cost vs Purchase Value

I’m using PP to track my crypto holdings, alongside Blockfolio. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around „Purchase Value,“ as the numbers I’m getting don’t seem to make sense - nor do they match Blockfolio. Consider a security with:

$50 BUY
-$25.02 SELL
$200 BUY
-$149.68 SELL

My cost was 50-25.02+200-149.68=$75.3. That’s how much my current holdings cost me in my own, real, original dollars invested - and it’s exactly what Blockfolio lists as „net cost“ (sum of all costs from purchases - sum of all proceeds from sells). Profit/loss is then Market Value - Net Cost, and Avg Net Cost = Net Cost / Holdings. All very straightforward & makes sense to me.

However, in PP’s Statement of Assets, „Purchase Value“ is 70.08 & Purchase Value (MA) is 70.04. I find these numbers much less intuitive, and as far as I can tell, don’t really provide any way to tell „how much of my original money is currently invested“ (?). The corresponding Purchase Price and Profit/Loss don’t seem logical to me either. For example, although I know I paid $75.3 out of my own money (per above), if today’s market value were 70.08, PP would show $0 profit/loss. It seems to me that that’s actually a ~$5 loss, since I put in $~75 and now it’s worth ~$70.

Am I missing something here?

And more importantly: is there some way to view NET COST, AVG NET COST, and PROFIT/LOSS as calculated by Blockfolio - so I can keep the two accounting methods coherent, & also because it just seems a lot easier to understand that way?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts! :slight_smile: