Number of decimals


I’m trying out PP to keep track of my P2P Lending performance. At first sight, this seems to be a great piece of software. However, I’m running into 1 shortcoming in using it for tracking P2P Lending performance.
In P2P Lending, we always have a lot of very small numbers (I’m up to 16 digits after the decimal).
When importing the data it rounds for example 0.0044444444444398000000 to 0.00.
Which makes a big difference over a few thousand transactions.
Are there plans to support up to 16 or 20 decimals?

I can understand that this is a major change, when I see how the amounts are stored in the xml:

for example, the import of the transaction with the amount of 0.0033333333333300000000 €
is stored as follows:

2015-04-17T00:00 EUR **0** 0 service fee FEES

for example, the import of the transaction with the amount of 30€
is stored as follows:

2015-03-24T00:00 EUR **3000** 0 Deposits DEPOSIT


Hi LiteBit,

As far as I understood, the next step planned, is to go for 8 digits:

I fear, to go for 16 digits, to cover your needs is not (yet) planned.


Thanks for the info

I guess 8 digits already help, I can check how far the calculations are off after that upgrade.

Currently, there is a difference of over 60 € between the value in PP and on Mintos, for my Mintos account.


@LiteBit You could however add the difference via a seperate transaction. Not pretty, but works as a workaround.

In purchasing activities in companies often prices per 100 or per 1000 are used to have more manageable numbers. Could it possibly be an idea to just multiply all entries by 10E16 and then divide it later to have a more human digestible view? I could also imagine that calculations will be more accurate that way, because multiplying two digits with 10E-16 could result in a loss of accuracy anyway. That’s why powers of 10 are used in science and even if programmed correctly in PP it might lead to loss of accuracy by the operating system / programming language used if above trick is not at least used internally. (sorry English is not my native tongue, hope to get the point across).

@Someone I saw the announcement of the new version and updated to the new release today,
but … it seems the 8 digits „change“ does not apply to the „value“ or „amount“ of a transaction in deposit accounts.
I cleared one deposit account, did a new import, and it is still the same.
also, when I check the xml, it is also still stored in the same way

Yes, that’s right. It’s just fractional shares and security prices that now have up to 8 decimals.