Occasional GBP/GBX issue with Yahoo Finance feed

Hi, thanks for making this amazing piece of software available for us all to use.

Occasionally stocks which are listed in GBX have their price expressed in GBP in the Yahoo Finance historical quote data:


The biggest downside of this is that my stocks show 100% gain and I think I have become rich over night :rofl:

Is there anything that can be done about this or is it a Yahoo problem? If it is Yahoo, are there any other better free feeds which cover global stocks?

I can’t believe I am the only one having this problem but I couldn’t find anything by searching.

Hey AlexRees,

Yes, it is known that Yahoo sometimes carries incorrect values.
You can, however, correct individual stock quotes. In /Securities/[Asset of interest]/Historical Quotes/ you double-click on the false quote and manually correct it.

I hope this helps

es, there are definitely better data providers. But Yahoo is the most convenient to set up. Besides, I only know my way around in Euros. Maybe you will find something useful here, unfortunately the post is only available in German. Maybe you can understand it with the help of a translator.