One month without the download of quotations

Can you help me,
I don’t know why there are 1 month missing with quotations . Attached image

Missing image or more specific information is needed.

Maybe related to this?

Yahoo seems to have problems with getting current quotes from the Milan Stock Exchange

Sorry , it is the image. one month flat … no quotation …

It seems Yahoo finance doesn’t work right. I have only ETF on Milan Stock Exchange , I’m interested on this quotation. Can you suggest me solution … ? Is it possible to change provider, instead Yahoo, in order to obtain quotation from Milan ? THK

You have to select „Table on website“

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Sorry but I don’t understand what does it means : " … You have to select „Table on website“ … ".
Where is the setting to modify on software Portfolio Performance in order to change provide for quotation ? Is it possible ? Is it the right way to follow ? Really I’m a mechanical engineer and my competence on this kind of software is very low … sorry. :grinning:

Rightclick your security, click Edit and then use the above mentioned configuration.


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Thank for support . I found the place to open window on attached picture . There are many choices. Is it possible to use a different provider avoiding the “table on web site” solution ? If “NO” , can you explain me how I must write the right string (https://de.investing…" ) for ETF on second picture attached ?


Why do you want to avoid the “table on a website” option?

Yes, there are other interfaces than “table on the website” (yahoo for example ;-)), there are even very useful APIs (JSON), but they are probably not suitable for you for two reasons: 1. I am not aware of any APIs that support the Milan exchange and can be used directly in PP, and 2. the APIs that offer Milan ( for example) cannot be used without a response-changing proxy.
Since you fail to infer the links for other ETFs from a given link for one ETF, such a proxy is probably not operable for you, sorry for the harsh words.
Here is the list of links for the ISINs mentioned.





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THK in advance , you are very kind. :+1: I’m understanding and I’m testing. Only one question . Is possible to create/write a link with a wider range of data … for example from beginnig of 2021 ( with current link I can charge quotations between 11-04-2023 8-5-2023)?

No, it’s not as the website does not support such parameters. But, if you’re register yourself at the platform, you could download the desired time frame for import into PP.

THK for your time and your suggestion .