PDF import from DeGiro

Hallo @mrN
yes, that is correct. Andreas is currently very busy and unfortunately only partially gets to check the pull requests and implement them in the next release.


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Merged now. comes with the next version. Usually, I just merge stuff from @Nirus but I must have missed that one :frowning:


Thank you @AndreasB @Nirus

I have tested new feature but maybe there is an issue. A removal deposit wasn’t captured when I load my degiro account pdf. The pdf is same of last time.

23-06-2022 18:00 24-06-2022 Prelievo flatex EUR -26.600,00 EUR -24.176,26

Account.pdf.txt (57,0 KB)

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Hello @mrN
sorry it took a little longer. The Degiro PDF importer is simply a monster.
I always dread it the most and I always put it on the back burner, because simply a lot of source code is written and the processing simply takes 5-7 hours, depending on the PDF debug.

  • ADR fees are now recorded.
  • Purchases and sales are imported through the transaction PDF and not the account PDF.
  • Split’s have to be posted manually, no PDF importer can do that.
  • The delivery (removal transaction) has been corrected.


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Good morning.
I am trying to use the Degiro import (Spanish), and it only detects dividends. Of the rest (buys, sells, interests, etc), it doesn’t import anything.
Does anyone have any trick to import everything from Degiro to Portfoio Performance in Spain?
Thank you very much!

Hello @Jok
Welcome to the forum of PP. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are two PDF documents at Degiro.
One is the “account”, here bookings and DIvidenden are recorded.
In the “transaction” all purchases and sales are recorded.

If this does not work correctly, then please create a PDF debug.
How this works, you can see best in the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:
Extract PDF documents for debugging


Thank you very much @Nirus . Indeed, now I see it and it works.
Taking advantage of the thread: I also use Interactive Brokers and I am also testing the import with Flex queries.
As I see and have read in another thread, IB import separates dividends from withholding tax in 2 different transactions.
However, Degiro’s import incorporates everything in the same transaction.
Do you know if there is a way for Degiro to put it in 2 different transactions like the IB import does?
More than anything to have it all the same and not to mess with the reports.
Thank you very much for everything!


For some reason this transaction doesn’t import and was preventing me from importing my Degiro Transactions.pdf for the whole period of its life.

PDFBox Version: 1.8.16
Portfolio Performance Version: 0.60.1
<personal data>
Transacciones de 26-04-2021 a 27-04-2021
Fecha Hora Producto ISIN Bolsa Centro de Tipo de Costes dede ejecución Número Precio Valor local Valor cambio transacción Total
26-04-2021 15:35 GOODFOOD MARKET CORP CA38217M1005 TOR NEOE 100 8,20 CAD -820,00 CAD -546,67 EUR 1,5 -2,67 EUR -549,34 EUR
flatex DEGIRO Bank Dutch Branch, operando bajo el nombre de www.degiro.es Estado de cuenta
DEGIRO, es la filial holandesa de flatexDEGIRO Bank AG. clientes@degiro.es 2023-01-06
flatexDEGIRO Bank AG está supervisada principalmente por el
regulador alemán (BaFin) y registrada en DNB en Holanda. Amstelplein 1 1096 HA Página 1 / 1

Managed to add it manually and automatically import everything else, just fyi so it can work for future fellows.

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Hello @Okywan
Nice :+1:
If everything is ok, this should be included in the next release.


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Hi, I had some problems with Dividend when I imported the degiro account file:

The issue is that the currency my ETF ISHARES HIGH is EUR but the dividend is USD. So I can’t change the currency from EUR to USD because all my ISHARE HIGH CORP transactions are in EUR:

Account 2023.pdf.txt (57,0 KB)
Transactions 2023.pdf.txt (11,6 KB)

Thank you for your work!

Hello @mrN
…the same procedure as every year… :rofl:

Please create a PDF debug and post it here.
How this works, you can see best in the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:
Extract PDF documents for debugging


@Nirus Sorry :slight_smile:

I have updated my post with debug info

Hallo @mrN
wenn alles i.O. ist, sollte die ab dem nächsten Release mit dabei sein.


Hello. I would like to import account.pdf from Degiro in Czech language. It seems it is not supported. How can I help you to include it into next release? Note: I am blind and therefore I can’t use your video which shows how to debug the pdf… Thank you.

Hello @krecoun,

Thank you for helping to improve the importers.

To be honest, I have no idea how you navigate through PP’s menus. If we write down a full description of the video with all the required button clicks, etc., would you be able to follow it?
Sorry for my stupid questions, we just need to know in what way we can give you the description to create the PFD debug.

Or alternatively: would it be OK if you send the original PDF to an E-mail adress to which only @AndreasB /@Nirus have access? Your personal data will be kept confidential.

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Hello, thanks for a quick response. Well, I can use the app normally, all the menus etc… but maybe it would be easier if I send you the PDFs. Send me the mail address please. I can even provide you translations of some terms to English if you want.

@AndreasB & @Nirus: I hope I have not promised too much on your behalf. :blush: But I think to remember that you offered the possibility to send a PDF by mail before, @Nirus. Can you provide an email address?

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Hello @krecoun @OnkelDok
Yes, this is absolutely no problem.
Send the PDF debug to portfolio dot Performance dot help at gmail dot com
and write PDF Debug for Nirus in the subject of the email.


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Hello, ok, I will. But what exactly is that PDF debug? Note that I can’t use the video you linked above.

Hello @krecoun
If users of Portfolio Performance do not want to provide us with the document, you have the possibility to provide us with an extraction of the document and post it here in the forum.

PDF debug for us is a PDF document or extraction that is not read correctly by Portfolio Performance.

In your case, since you send us the original, it is simply the PDF document.