"Performance Calculation" and "Monthly earnings" show different amounts

I think this is a bug, but I’m not 100% sure that I’m not doing something wrong, so posting here first, so I can check with you guys before creating the issue in Github.

Basically Performance Calculations and Monthly earnings are showing different amounts for the same account and the same period. These are the screenshots showing the difference.

The actual value, calculated with a spreadsheet, should be 16.07, but I understand a small difference due to many decimals in the multiple deposits.

If you want to try yourself, this is the imported csv: Sheet 3-20210113-account-statement.csv.txt (16.6 KB)

This is my version:

Version: 0.50.1 (Jan 2021) 
Platform: macosx, x86_64 
Java: 11.0.4+11-LTS, Azul Systems, Inc. 

Any clarification or help is welcome, if more info is needed please let me know.

Plaease change the initial date to 31 Dec 2020, see Den richtigen Zeitraum wählen

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Thanks for your answer, that’s definitely useful information to have in mind, but I think it doesn’t address the problem.

Both widgets reporting period are set to 1 Jan to 31 Jan, so even if some early 1 Jan transactions are missed, should be missed in both cases ¿no? So total amount should be the same.

The monthly heatmap is internally using the period from 2020-12-31, see Monatsrendite in der Heatmap nicht korrekt

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Oh, I see. Then the problem is different.

If the widget will use a default period for the month anyway, why it has an option to customize it?

Well, you can customize which months you would like to see. It’s just that all widgets use the same interface for selecting the reporting period.