Price for Mutual Fund

Thanks for this incredible tool, I am a new user and I am not an IT.

I have a problem with those 2 funds :

  • EDRF US VALUE A EUR - LU1103303167

The quote is available on onvista, but I can’t or I don’t know how to switch from Yahoo finance to Onvista … ( or even an othe site such as morningstar…).

I have also tried the API Keys (Quandl, Finhub, …) but with no success.

Someone can help me ?

Thanks for your help

Capture d’écran 2021-07-22 à 14.13.02


you can first create a new empty instrument by clicking the “Instrument vide” button that’s visible on your screenshot.

Then you should fill in at least the name and currency manually (possibly other info if you want or need it) and go to the historical quotes tab. There you should choose the provider “Table on a website” and paste the URL of webpage with the quotes on the row below.

If onvista has the quotes like you said you can use that or is also a good provider for quotes.

Here are the links to your funds quotes on if you need it:
0P000172S3 | Edmond De Rothschild Fund - Us Value A Eur Historische Daten -
0P0000YVLQ | State Street Global Value Spotlight Fund P Historische Daten -

Hope that helps,