Quotes from Warsaw stock exchange: companies not found


I can find in yahoo finance the historical quotes of Spyrosoft SA ticker SPR.WA and Aillerons SA ticker ALL.WA. But I can not find it in PP software, quotes from warsaw stock exchange are noy abailable in the list.

Can someone help?

You’re right, the exchange code is not selectable via the dropdown list. However, you should be able to add the qualified Yahoo Finance symbol/ticker SPR.WA and select Yahoo as quote provider.

How can I do that? when I go to hitorical quotes, and select yahoo finance as a provider, then it forces me to select an exchange from the liste, I can not select SPR.WA nor wirte it there. I put it in symbol box, but only that does not work

As far as I could remember, you choose any from these list, goes to the first tab an replace the existing value with yours and hit ok.

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@AndreasB Featurerequest: Please add Warsaw to the list of stock exchanges.

I solved the problem doing that. Muchas gracias. :slight_smile: